December 23, 2012

A Glimpse of Color...

Here are just a few things I've been working on in the last year, or years. It's been a difficult year transitioning to California from Kansas City. I thought I'd throw up a few glimpses of different things. There are so many more in the works. Eventually I'll get them up too. 

This is a painting still in process that I started in 2007 in Kansas City. Some paintings take time to season, and for the right season of release. This is a good example of that.

 A corner shot of a painting I ended up re-doing. I love the splash here

 Here's another corner, living in the River of God!

 I love water, and the ocean! This is another corner, and reminds me of the great Japanese artist Hokusai. His most famous was The Great Wave. Such beautiful work!

 Glorious River!

 A glimpse of a remake of "Come to the River" for a beloved lady, Margie.

 Here's the final work for Margie, a most precious lady. It hangs above her mantle now. 

 Here's some fun. I did a "self-portrait" in Conte crayon and pastel. I wish I looked this young still! Well, nice try anyway! The photo I used of myself is this one below...

 Here's a rough sketch of one of my paintings. 

 Here's the first painting on this post, only updated a bit. Still in process. 

 This one is called "Heaven to Earth". I sold it to a couple in Kansas City and don't have a good photo of it. The wall behind is horrid! Anyway, I painted this in Fort Mill, SC at MorningStar Ministries during an "Outpouring" meeting. It was glorious!

 This drawing is something I did in 2006 in Fort Mill, SC as an act of intercession on behalf of the pre-born babies, and those whose lives are stollen through abortion. They each have a name and a destiny. Do you see your name?

And this painting was done in an Outpouring meeting in Fort Mill, SC at MorningStar in 2008. I had prayed that God give me something to paint that is someone else's vision. So I painted this, and afterwards a man, Bill, came and shared how he watched me paint this and it was a vision the Lord had given him 4 years before in this very place! He shared the vision with me and then bought the painting and took it back to Germany. He was originally from Albuquerque, NM and as a doctor moved to Germany with his family. I never got a good photo of this, and he forgot to send me one after his return. Sad. I love this painting! Hope you enjoy it too.

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