August 4, 2014

The Matrix, 2014

The Matrix
I started this painting on December 31, 2013, while web streaming the OneThing Conference from IHOP-KC during Matt Gilman's worship bringing in 2014. It has evolved, layer upon layer, since that New Year's night. A little like our lives, the times we live in, our memories, our understanding of truth, our transformations, as we grow and experience this life. I got the name from the movie "The Matrix," (though my son thinks that's a silly name for it). But I feel it fits. The movie is really about two realities... or should I say, the world that we think we live in, and the world that is Truth... It is the realm of the "totally other than" that I am exploring, expressing, and hoping to interest you, the viewer, into pondering. And I am realizing that in every artwork I do poses a question. And I know now that it is the way that the Lord, my God and Father, whom I most affectionately refer to as Abba, communicates with me. The question. Not because He is in need of an answer, for He is the Creator of all things, and knows our thoughts before we do... but because He created us to be critical thinkers, and wants us to connect to Him through wisdom and understanding. There is nothing hidden from His sight, there is no searching His understanding, as Isaiah 40 puts it.