August 15, 2011

"Awakening", 48"x36" acrylic on board, 8/8/11

Original Artwork
created 8/8/11
This piece was inspired by the worship music of Jonathan David Helser. I was listening to, and worshiping the Lord with, his CD called "The Awakening". I had enjoyed this many times before, and even worshiped with Jonathan's music live (which was so awesome), but this time I was touched in a new and deeper place in my heart. 
The tears began to roll down, and through this music the Holy Spirit of the Living God dug deep into a place of despair I'd been experiencing for some time (due to the results of a car accident a few years ago). 
I felt a river of pain, discouragement, despair, and sadness pouring out with each tear as the River of God's love and hope and life began to touch me anew. I was washed afresh with the Father's love. I listened again, worshiping my Beloved Creator... And once again the River began to flow from out of me... Awakening!
And here is a glimpse on this piece of board, the Awakening... 
Behold the wind, the water, the oil, and the fire of God's immeasurable, unstoppable, undeniable, unshakable love for you and me!