February 19, 2011

"Come to the River"

"Come to the River" Genesis 2Psalm 46:4Ezekiel 47Revelation 22
TRIPTYCH (3 canvases) -12”x24, 30”x24, 12”x24”
acrylic on stretched canvas

At first I saw the Sea of Glass around the Throne of God. I had drawn it in worship early in 2010. As I began to paint it the transformation began... I painted the waters, blending color together, vibrant and majestic... I painted the girl (me, or you...) her hair flowing forth as the mighty wind from the current pushed it back (though I had not yet seen the powerful current)... and the rainbow, of sorts, that flowed out from her hair...

February 4, 2011

Original Artwork Prints!

"Rivers of Living Water" Prints of this original artwork are now available for purchase. Click on the menu to select your print type and size to purchase your beautiful print!

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