June 15, 2014


Still Life - Gramma's Flowers
oil on canvas board

My grandmother was an extremely talented Artist. Her first oil painting, in 1963, was a still life:  Chrysanthemums. She so inspires me, then and now, and I have attempted to re-create her painting. Though she was far more talented than I, I hope to continue to grow and learn, and aspire to have just a little of her beauty in my artwork. She was taught at University of Mexico, and learned lots of traditional styles in the tradition of the academy model (so-to-speak), but had such a wealth of knowledge and such wonderful training. 
In this day of the post-modern, and/or contemporary, or whatever phase of Art "History" we may be in, I hope that I can glean from her commitment
to learning, desire to master technique, and continually move forward in creating something beautiful and worthwhile. 
I had such a small amount of time with her, but she lives in every attempt I make at creating art. 

There is so much to say yet so few words.... For you Gramma.

My grandmother's painting, which has traveled with me for many years, from place to place, state to state, and continues to inspire me...

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